I know what it's like to have no where to go, no one to turn to. It's a scary world out there, no one should have to go it alone. I'm thankful for my friends, and for everything they've done for me. They mean the world to me, as do my baby brother and sister. I have a lot of love in my heart, and people like to use that to their advantage. Because of this, I've learned not to let a lot of people become important to me.

music is everything.
end of story.

Rest in peace, Daddy. I love you.
♥ Patrick Lee Bixler ♥


We all have so little time in this world. Consider that. Really think about how small your life is. Then realize love is just something we feel for the person we choose to share the majority of this short time with. What greater compliment can we give than to say, “I want to spend the time before my death with you.”? What can mean more than this?

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for those not getting the V or the D, happy alentines ay

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“We have each other memorized.”

Divergent, Chapter 29 (via divergentofficial)

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